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At Today Is Not Tomorrow, we’re not into clichés. So we won’t pester you with a world that is changing, and faster than ever before. Look out the window and judge for yourself.

What we do want to talk about is organizational change. Because when you look closely, you will identify a common thread: despite all the furor surrounding new and innovative methods (Agile, Lean, self-management, etc.), in reality they yield little to no consequential and enduring change in most organizations. This is true even where change is considered vital for a more innovative or cost-effective operation, or to be more responsive to the wishes of clients or customers.

We’ve seen companies put a lot of effort into adapting their organizational structure, introducing new working procedures, functions and consultation structures. But while such ‘technical’ changes can be implemented relatively safely, they rarely – if ever – result in lasting transformation. It’s like heating wax, stirring it, and then allowing it to solidify again in yet another mold.

Something else is needed. An alternative approach, which we call adaptive. Because it enables organizations to continue to respond to what we call adaptive problems: problems that present themselves like a plate of cold spaghetti. Whatever single string you try to pull, the whole clump will come along.

Adaptive problems require adaptive leadership: leadership that can deal with multiplicity, simultaneity, uncertainty and vulnerability.

That entails a shift in focus. What our era demands is the growth of people, both as individuals and collectively. Knowledge and expertise alone are no longer sufficient: today’s urgencies call for relational skills, profound self-reflection, emotional maturity, real responsibility, and leadership that’s driven by the collective intelligence of a group.

Adaptivity, in other words, is the mindset needed to arrive at original, unexpected and groundbreaking ideas in a situation of uncertainty – rather than seeking to reduce that uncertainty through more rules, standards or procedures.

Problems like a
plate of cold

Today Is Not Tomorrow

Today Is Not Tomorrow helps organizations cultivate adaptive leadership.

We do that ‘on the job’. By working with our clients to build a home base where the emotional and relational growth of all colleagues is self-evident. By forging teams into collectives who together maintain or (re)discover their direction. And by guiding management and professionals in dealing with situations of ‘not knowing’ – in order to develop new ways of working and growing from there.

We teach organizations to have the conversations they’ve avoided. Provide management with new tools to get more out of their team, without automatically falling back on routine strategic long-term plans, tight organizational hierarchies and fixed working methods. And we challenge leaders to view change not as a threat, but as a given – and an opportunity for triumph, if they can muster the courage to just. let. go.

Meet the experts of Today Is Not Tomorrow. We’d love to be a part of the journey for you and your team – heading for destinations unknown.

Because today is tomorrow faster than you think.

Today Is Not Tomorrow is led by three founders: Inez Bosch, Saskia Pijs en Lukas Straathof. Over the past 15 years, they guided over 1000 teams in the hundred largest Dutch corporations and ten largest local councils of the country.

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