"I am always doing things I can't yet do, that's how I learn to do them"

Pablo Picasso

Lukas Straathof

Most people have good intentions and good ideas. They wish the best for each other, their organizations and their communities. But all too often, they can’t achieve what they hoped to, and they don’t know what to do about it. As a result, they continue to address their problems with the same old solutions. And that rarely leads to different results.

I help people observe, feel, think and act differently in an organizational context. I like to call it developing mental complexity: learning to deal with vulnerability and situations of ‘not knowing the answer’. How can people learn to feel safe (collectively) in such situations, allowing them to develop truly new solutions to their problems?

I am fascinated by the reasons why some solutions will work in one place, but not in another. And by the ways in which people might exercise more influence on that unpredictable phenomenon. Adaptive Leadership is my specialty: designing and guiding training programs that help people observe, feel, think and act differently in the long term. Programs where personal development goes ‘to the bone’ and vulnerability is the most normal thing in the world.

My conviction is that behavior can never be disconnected from the context in which a person operates. Organizational structures have a positive and powerful role in the creation of a culture where true change is possible and people desire to belong.

In my coaching, I am intuitive, caring and direct – but I am not afraid to be confrontational. I have a sharp eye for things that ‘aren’t quite right’ and creative ideas on how things might be changed for the better. I am an original thinker, see connections that others miss, and have the ability to communicate complex issues in an easy to understand way. Together, we can restore your flow of personal growth, job satisfaction and the achievement of results.

Lukas Straathof (1964) studied international hospitality and went on to graduate in business and philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Later he worked as a project leader at the Music Center Vredenburg and as a consultant and project manager at various organizations including Pink Elephant. He also took courses in System Dynamics, coaching and training and followed the curriculum of the School voor Zijnsori├źntatie. Since 2006 he has been partner and co-owner at The Human Effect and in 2019 joined as a co-founder of TINT company.