Saskia Pijs

As an IT manager at Board level, I have guided numerous reorganizations and (Agile) change transitions. I invented new change programs, mission statements and scorecards by the dozen and leveraged that into a flashy and successful career.

After twenty years of this, however, I realized in a moment of reflection that I was trapped in a system where ego and power dictated the ways in which people relate to each other. I saw the destructive consequences, like burn-outs, stress, resentment and apathy all around me, and in myself. In response, I felt a strong desire to create a movement of people who wanted to change this situation:

to relate to one another and their environment in a different way. To build organizations free of intrigue, bureaucracy and internal struggle. Organizations of strength without force!

These sustainable and demonstrably successful organizations emerge with growth in mental complexity. I experience every day what this growth brings to my life: the relationships with people around me, whether my husband or my colleagues, are strong and successful. This is something I want to share with the world.

As a coach and trainer, I am accessible and sharp, and often succeed at touching people’s hearts in a single conversation. By opening up and allowing myself to be vulnerable with others, I can say what needs to be said. I provide guidance to groups in a pragmatic fashion, keeping the organization’s desired results in focus. I have drawn from my extensive experience as a manager to specialize in coaching and training individual managers and management teams.

My key words are authentic, listening, smart, sharp, courageous, connecting, creative, humor, structured and helping.

Saskia Pijs (1971) studied organizational sciences at the University of Leiden and found work as a management trainer, organizational consultant and HR manager. Subsequently, she worked for almost two decades as an IT manager, shaping and guiding large reorganizations and (Agile) transitions in the financial sector. Saskia followed courses including Building Tribes Human Dimensions, Agile and Scrummaster, DevOps, Lean Management, Masterclasses CCL Excellence, the Development class at London Business School and Total Balance coach/therapist. In 2019 she co-founded TINT company.